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Who is Ndala Live?

Ndala Booker, Ed.D. has been a passionate advocate of critical thinking and academic success since 2007. Speaker, Trainer, and Educator, she has presented workshops and seminars nationally and internationally, across multiple academic disciplines and different types of organizations. Her audiences find her passionate, engaging, and full of energy. She shares vital information that, when applied, can make a great impact on a person's experience, whether professional, academic, or personal.

Why Critical Thinking?

The development of critical thinking skills has been adopted universally as an important goal. Ndala believes that everything we do starts with a thought. If an individual can improve their thought process, they can improve everything else about their life. The quality of all we do is determined by the quality of the way we think. Improving the quality of our thinking elevates performance and productivity in academic, business and personal arenas. As each of us works on thinking better, we enhance our own space. And when that happens, we can change the world. So, in essence…
Change Your Space, Change the World.


For business and organizations, Changing Spaces focuses on professional development for businesses and organizations in Critical Thinking, Analytical Thinking and Business Value Analysis. Through seminars and workshops, Ndala offers a framework which, when internalized and applied, can help individuals become better thinkers. She is a high-energy, passionate, and engaging presenter whose presentations are received enthusiastically by participants both young and old.

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03 Oct

University of Wisconsin E-Business Consortium

  • 12:00 pm
  • Madison, Wisconsin

Keynote Presentation: The Thinking Edge in Customer Experience: The Power of Critical Thinking form Insight to Impact.

Closed to Public.

Reviews & Comments

Ndala Live- Thank you! I have to agree that it was amazing to see such an interest to elevate their critical thinking skills. After attending your session at the monthly DEI Consumer Consent meeting, I knew our colleagues would benefit from this interactive exercise! Looking forward to partnering with you in the future!

Patrick Sweeney

VP, People Fluent Leader in Customer acquisition for growth-minded marketers

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