Changing Spaces Programs

Innovation in Business

Changing Spaces places a major focus on critical thinking and analytical thinking in the workplace. Ndala offers critical thinking seminars and facilitates workshops for businesses and organizations to give all levels of the staff the opportunity to learn how to greatly improve their decision-making process within every context. From C-suite management to any valued employee, Ndala offers a method of critical thinking that enhances performance, strengthens results and encourages the thoughtfulness needed in most areas of business.

Academic Platform

Ndala is aware of the traditional methods of teaching critical thinking, both in secondary schools and in higher education. Her mission is to assist students in understanding what analysis and good reasoning requires. Her desire is to help students better understand themselves, communicate more effectively, and learn to think critically about their goals and their future. Her academic seminars and workshops are a unique blend of college success components along with a substantive, practical critical thinking method to get students ready for their next step.

Self-Efficacy and Personal Development

The fundamental idea behind Changing Spaces is that change begins with the Individual. Self Efficacy is an individual's belief in his or her ability to execute the behaviors that are needed in order to produce specific performance attainments. Basically defined, it is the belief of each person in their own capacity to succeed in specific situations or to accomplish a task. Ndala firmly believes that as a person learns to critically think better, they can strengthen their belief in themselves, which will in turn give them a foundation for success, and enhance their performance in every area of their lives.

Why Critical Thinking Video

A few years ago, one of the managing partners of Next Step Academy, an online learning platform for personal and professional development,  asked Ndala to develop a Critical Thinking course to add to their online course offerings.  This video was produced as a way of introducing Dr. Booker to potential students and explain her  reasoning for doing what she does. 

Fostering Self-efficacy and intellectual development through critical thinking

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